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Run Adventurouslee was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award, so I wanted to take a few minutes to answer the 10 questions about myself.

Thank you so much for the nomination, LeeAnne!  It was interesting to read what you had to say about yourself.

If you’re into travel adventures, be sure to check out her blog here.  She is about to embark on a round-the-world trip next May!




  1. How did you get into blogging or photography?  I’m not quite sure how I got into blogging, but I do know how I got into photography.  As a kid, my parents and grandparents made travel a priority.  We would go on at least 2 trips a year and quite often on weekend getaways too.  They were typically to areas of scenic beauty.  My family believed that travel taught us much about our world and opened our minds to different cultures and customs.  On those trips, I distinctly remember always wanting to borrow my parents camera, but being a kid, I was “too young” to handle something valuable :/  Finally, one day, I decided to part with some of my money to buy a camera and 5 rolls of 35mm film.  We were preparing for a road trip to Yellowstone, Glacier, and Mount Ranier National Parks (along with other incredible sites in between), and there was no way I was not going to capture “my memories.”  Photography was how I remembered what I saw, because I felt that other’s photos missed something that I felt in those places.  Now as a kid, my thoughts weren’t quite that developed, it wasn’t for years that I realized why I was so driven for my photos and not other’s.  Rather, I was obsessed with photos, because I didn’t want to forget any moment.  Each trip left me in wonder, and that was a feeling I never wanted to lose.  Over time, I noticed that people liked my photos, so I decided to start sharing them online – hence blogging.
  2. Where would you most like to travel to and why?  There are a few places that come to mind – Salt Flats of Bolivia, Atacama Desert, Ha Long Bay, and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park.  The common theme being some unique and unreal feature that makes it hard to comprehend without seeing them in person.  But if I had to pick one, it’s Torres del Paine National Park.  Those mountain peaks just leave me breathless.  They are so gorgeous that it’s hard to believe they’re natural.  I enjoy exploring and believe that an adventure there would warrant the idiom “truth is stranger than fiction.”
  3. What is your favorite book?  Wool by Hugh Howey.  Admittedly, I haven’t been the most avid reader, but this book is riveting and has that future, sci-fi aspect that I am particularly interested in.
  4. When you travel to a place you have never been before, what is the first thing you like to do?  To immerse myself in the surroundings.  I like to wander, almost aimlessly, and see what surprises me.
  5. How do you get ideas for your blogs or photo shoots?  Most of my photos are spontaneous.  I like to observe my surroundings and capture what resonates with me.
  6. How many countries have to been to?  Funny you ask.  I was recently highlighting county, state, and a national maps to show where I’ve done road trips.  It seemed quite impressive, until I highlighted a world map.  I’ve been to 5 countries on 2 continents.
  7. What aspect of blogging do you love the most?  I have been quite busy building my new business that I don’t feel like I’ve put enough effort into blogging.  I imagine that sharing my travel experiences would be the aspect I’ll enjoy the most, so I look forward to starting a separate blog about specific trips.
  8. Where is you next travel destination to?  I’m planning a winter road trip through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada but may have to scale down those ambitions.  I’ll definitely be in Washington for a wedding.
  9. What is your favorite downtime activity?  Netflix and reading.
  10. What is/are your goal(s) in life?  To travel the world.  I’m excited to have recently made photography my full-time job, as that’s the first step in my plan on making a living out of travel.



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  1. Stu ArtPhoto his minimalism and abstract photography always inspires me.  He sees things that others overlook.


  1. How did you get into blogging or photography?
  2. Where would you most like to travel to and why?
  3. What is your favorite book?
  4. When you travel to a place you have never been before, what is the first thing you like to do?
  5. How do you get ideas for your blogs or photo shoots?
  6. How many countries have to been to?
  7. What aspect of blogging do you love the most?
  8. Where is your next travel destination to?
  9. What is your favorite downtime activity?
  10. What is/are your goal(s) in life?

I hope you all enjoy these questions and that this award helps all of you gather more followers!



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  1. Your winter road trip sound like it would be absolutely amazing if you actually end up being able to do all of it! It’s also really cool how you got into photography and are now pursuing that as your career! Photography is definitely something I would like to get more into, at least for quality of photos rather than to actually make a job out of it, but it is something I don’t entirely know what you should and shouldn’t do or like what type of camera you have. I feel like I also luck of with taking shots, usually I just see something and everyone like “wow that image is amazing” and I’m like “idk I just saw it” haha. The travel destinations that you would most like to go to also sound super interesting! I’ve never actually heard of Torres del Paine National Park or Zhangjiajie National Forest Park but I am definitely going to look them up and see what you mean!

    Thanks for taking the time to go through and answer all of the questions! 🙂

    1. It might seem odd, but one of the biggest things holding me back on the possible winter road tip is that I might have to do it alone. I have yet to find a travel buddy; maybe I’ll put an ad online, lol. I’ve done a 2,500mi road trip alone, which was fun but had a few hairy moments. So I’d prefer to share the experience with somebody and to not get stuck in a snowstorm alone.

      Yeah, I can see why you want to get more into photography. Collect all those travel memories. The right equipment can improve the quality, but it can complicate things. I believe that being observant and photographing something meaningful (to you) leads to the best photos (at least content-wise). So keep up with the “idk I just saw it.” Haha 🙂

      Let me know what you think of those places!

      And of course I’d answer all the questions, we’re WordPress buddies!

      1. That is definitely understandable, I think I would be more worried doing a road trip during the winter alone versus doing one alone in the warmer months. I know that there are different websites (I forget what the one Ive heard the most about is called) that you can post saying hey Im driving to here and looking for a road buddy or if youre someone that doesnt have a car you post that youre looking for a ride to wherever. One of my old coworkers used to use it a lot when she’d drive to and from NH to NOLA. That type of road trip is definitely on my bucketlist of things to do one day, but even if you cant do all or it anf can only do some of it, Im sure youll see plenty of breathtaking winter scenary anyways!

        1. But a snow road trip does excite me enough that I’ll probably overlook the solo aspect, haha. Oh yeah, I’ve heard a couple friends use websites like that before, mainly for holiday travel. That’s a big trip from NH to NOLA. She never got stuck with any weirdos? Lol.

          It’s road trip well worth having on your bucketlist. My roommate and I drove to Utah & Colorado Jan 2011. What a change from summer scenery plus great snowboarding!

          I saw that you’ve raced in CA & Vegas and was wondering if you’ve traveled much on the west coast or Rockies.

          1. As far as the West Coast goes Ive only been to LA, Vegas, and went to Texas last winter, and I guess you can say the Grand Canyon in Arizona too for like 30 minutes haha. Before my trip to California a year and a half ago Id never even left the east coast. One of my friends lives in Idaho though and we were talking last night about doing a travel switch, where shell come to MA to visit and the we could both go back to Idaho so I could see out there. Im hoping if I go out to visit her we might be able to travel to some of the other states nearby, like Montana cuz that’s where she is originally from. I also might be going to a wedding in Coloardo in the fall of 2017, so thatll hopefully be another opportunity to see more of the West Coast and Rockies!

          2. That’s probably more of this region than most people have seen. You should visit your friend in Idaho. It’s amazing how peaceful and scenic that part of the country is. Yellowstone is quite interesting and even partially in Idaho. Can’t skip that!

            I guess we’re opposites. Apart from 2 D.C. trips, I haven’t broken east of the Rockies. I’ll just have to live vicariously through your photos, haha. I’ll make it to NE one of these days. The mixture of nature and history and nature in your region has caught my attention.

            Fall 2017 in the rockies would be amazing. I’ve seen pictures of the aspens, and they’re breathtaking. , though maybe you’re used to fall colors in New England. We barely get any in Northern California.

            Speaking of which, if you find any races to travel into in Norcal, you should do it! All the mountains here are beautiful, especially Tahoe. Quite a change from L.A. and a much more relaxed lifestyle.

            So all this talk of travel keeps bringing a question to mind. Is your work schedule pretty flexible? I am jelly of how your job lets you travel so much!

          3. I definitely want to visit Northern California someday too, California is just so big that the landscapes are so diverse throughout the state, which I think is really cool. The New England area is super nice, I love living up here! Im sure youll find the time someday to see more of NE 🙂
            Amd my work schedule is kinda flexible, I get 3 weeks of paid time off a year, and since Im never sick i can usually use most of that towards going places. I also tend to do shorter trips sometimes, like just going from a thursday to a monday because then if its busy enough at work I can make up some of the time off I requested throughout the rest of the week. Its kinda nice that im able to do that, but Ill actually be quitting my job after the holidays to work somewhere else, so i wont have all that time off anymore, which is ok since Ill be leaving in 5 months anyways haha. Youre self employed now though right? So at least that gives you more opportunities to be able to do stuff since youre running on your own schedule!

          4. I hadn’t really thought too much about how big California is, but I just checked and it takes 13 hours to drive North/South through the state. That’s quite a journey!

            I’ll keep watching our NE photos to get more pumped about the day that I finally make a trip there!

            Sounds like you have the work schedule figured out. Extended weekend trips are perfect! Probably a great way for you to get a little breather from work when you need it 🙂

            Will you be keeping the new job after the RTW trip? Or is it just a temporary job? I’m curious, because I’m frequently making travel plans in my head and have yet to figure out how to take such a long journey. You obviously found the secret and hopefully you’ll share, haha.

            Yes, I’m self-employeed, which is pretty cool but not always as simple as it seems. My work schedule is primarily dictated by when people need real estate photos (primary income currently), but I have the opportunity to veto those job offers for a vacation. I’m just caught in the struggle lately of being in control and wanting to just travel everywhere but knowing that I need to focus on growing my business, otherwise I may lose clients. For that reason, I’m strongly considering hiring an assistant and another photographer next year. But overall, it’s awesome being self-employed and not stuck in a 9-5 schedule!

          5. After the RTW trip I will most likely go back to the job I will be starting next month. I really got the job only because my dad and uncle own a company, and my uncle has been trying to talk me into working there ever since I graduated college. So I figured I would give it a shot for now since I know I will be able to make more money there in the few months leading up to my trip versus staying where I am now. Someday I will probably work there fulltime as their hope is for me to run the place someday with some of my other cousins, but for now I just wanna try it out and see how I like it and might still decide to get a couple of other random jobs instead. But the nice thing about working for them is depending on what I am doing, I might be able to also work remotely sometimes, which would be nice!

            And that is true about your job, how because it is so client based right now since you are trying to build up a working pool that you probably can’t just take off out of nowhere. I hope your business grows though so you can possibly get an assistant and another photographer that way it might give you a little more leeway, and I am seriously jealous of you not having to have a 9-5 schedule. Mines more like 7-3, but it still sucks, I’d much rather be outside 🙂

          6. That sounds cool, making more money and working in the family business. Plus the perk of being able to work remotely sometimes! Though, I understand wanting to try out some other jobs and see what the world has to offer. That’s how I figured out I wanted to start my photography business. If you don’t mind me asking, what position/type of work will you be doing?

            A few nice things about meeting new clients are seeing their homes, having a different work environment each day, and sometimes hearing stories of how they built the home themselves! This one architect & carpenter couple designed and built there own home with incredible woodwork throughout. There are some awesome custom homes and forest cabins around here. If you’re interested, I’ll send you a link of a neat mountain home I photographed recently. Lots of views too! I usually imagine myself living in those homes, and it’s given me some great ideas for my dream home, haha.

            I’d be most excited to partner up with a photographer, so we could go on photo adventures together!

            7-3 work. How early do you have to wake for that kind of schedule? You must be a morning person! At least your schedule gives you time for enjoying the afternoon outside. What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

          7. I’m honestly not really sure what I’ll be doing there haha. I was given a kind of overview of what I’d be doing, but it’s not something that I already know how to do. It has to do with learning how this system they use for the company works and finding out if they are using it to its full potential to do things they want it to do that they don’t know how to do on it or if it just isn’t possible to do certain things on it. So we’ll see how that goes haha.

            Right now I usually get up at like 6am, because I only live like 15 minutes from where I work, so it’s not too bad. Once I switch jobs though I’ll probably start getting up even earlier than that though and do like a 6:30 am to 4pm shift instead. I’d just rather get in early so I can leave earlier in the afternoon and do other stuff I want to do, like running or taking my dog for a walk, sometimes a quick hike, that kinda stuff.

            Also, I’m surprised that there are a ton of house out that way that are forest cabins, it is definitely not something I would picture in California. That house you described sounds super cool though! I tend to find myself looking through house photos and such sometimes to get ideas for what I would want for my own house someday too, if I had your job every time I saw a new house I liked I’d just be like yup this is what I want haha. And it would also be super cool if you found another photographer that’s interested in going on photo adventures with you, cuz then you wouldn’t have to worry about going alone during certain times of the year.

          8. That sounds like it could be stimulating work! I have a friend who was given a similar task with his bike shop’s inventory system. He figured out all its tricks and drastically increased their efficiency. Now everyone is astonished at how much easier the software has made their lives. Hopefully you have a similar experience 🙂

            Must be nice having a quick commute. And that’s a great idea keeping your afternoon free! I recall seeing your post about hiking Cape Cod. You must have some nice trails in your area.

            Haha, it seems like all the CA cities get the attention and only locals know about the natural beauty. Northern California (rather than SoCal) has extensive forests, since half of the area is mountainous. Speaking of which, there has been a good amount of snow lately. Stoked for snowboarding this season and trying snowshoeing for the first time! Do you do winter sports?

            Glad to hear we think alike, haha. Soon we’ll turn our home daydreams into something real!

            For real; can’t wait until I find my photo adventure buddy!

            Oh, did I tell you about my new January travel plans. Well, it’s more of an idea at this time, but I’m scaling down the road trip to just Oregon & Washington. A friend or two might join me to visit our college friend in Seattle, and then I’ll go to Spokane for a high school friend’s wedding. I won’t be seeing Yellowstone in winter as I had dreamt of, but that will wait for next time. I’m just excited to be stuck in a car with friends for a week (yes, that is more interesting than I made it sound, lol).

          9. I know how to ski but i dont go supwr often, Im hoping this year I can get into it a little more. Even though your downsizing your trip Im sure it will still be super cool! Plus Im sure itll be nice to have a couple friends along too. Maybe youll just have to do Yellowstone as its own trip someday!

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